Poetry Month #18: A Run this Rainy April Morning

This is a set of 3 poems done in different welsh forms. A Clogyrnach, Byr a Thoddaid, and Cyrch A Chwta, respectively. (I have no clue how to pronounce them, but welsh poetry is very interesting to me structurally, if not extremely satisfying.)

A Run on this Rainy April Morning Day #18


A rush from breathing rain kissed air

The drops adorning face and hair

Run through drizzly morn

Chalk art runs forlorn

Colors born



A beat of celebration cheers

The neighbors dwell in waiting fears

Not out to see the hopeful pace I set

A wet and lonesome race


I refused to stop and stand

But the sight did soft demand

Lingering still while on I ran

In my mind it gem-like fanned:

Chalk mosaic by a hand

Passing time with so much banned

Colors touching through the rain

Hues disdain six foot demands


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