Poetry Month #30: Arc

Day 30! I'm finally finished! Boy, these last few days have been a struggle, but I'm so glad to have completed another NaPoWriMo. Thanks for your support and comments. :)


What a tough life

If a true one

Even more strife

Every new sun

Such a sweet face

Such a hard fall

Let there be grace

After losing all

When the sun sets

And the tears flow

With a face wet

In the moon’s glow

Is my prayer heard

For this poor soul

Plucked to pieces

Can they not be whole

And I smile wide

Laughing with tears

At the turned tide

At the old fears

I sit waiting

As credits roll


Bitter scenes in full

Shaking my head

For bearing pain

Of one long dead

Acted for gain

So I ache prayers

For a real heart

Wretched with tears

Let their healing start


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