Poetry Month #30: County Fair

I’ve been a bit swamped with the online tournament going on, but here’s the poem I wrote yesterday.

It’s pretty weird.

The inspiration for it came from a strange combination of a movie we watched yesterday and my slight uneasiness with wide open spaces. As I read it now, I wonder whether our lockdown situation played into it subconsciously.

County Fair         Day #29 The horror of dusty nothingness Surely an abnormality Even with shrubs, extending Far as eye can see A horizon is defined But only in technicality Too distant for comfort The county fair jangles Much closer with clamor The merry-go-round’s melody Which cost a pretty lot And the number of chickens Running free or for show Not less, in actuality  Than the count of the humans Determined to gather And tighten the loop of reality And call it a civilisation But is the name earned? Only turning around To the wilderness it’s swear fealty If forsaken, it’s turn To the intimate knowledge Of each being in sight Where none can be trusted but all must be In the dust and the sweat  And the brief respite From a grinding toil Human character leaks immorality In the cheer of the sun Human contact rewarding Only when compared to The horror of dusty nothingness


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